Fran Person grew up in a close-knit middle class family with five brothers and one sister. His parents taught their children the values of hard work, community and service to others – and instilled in them the belief that success was built on hard work, commitment and dedication. The one rule in the Person household was no one sat on the sidelines – you had to get in the game.


Fran came to South Carolina on a scholarship to play football at the University of South Carolina. Recruited by Coach Lou Holtz, Fran started out playing tight end and saw action early on the defensive line and special teams. Fran always worked hard to find his way onto the field and contribute to his team. He ended his career on the offensive line, playing his senior year in Coach Steve Spurrier’s inaugural season.

It was while playing at South Carolina that Fran met Krystal – and he fell in love with her and the state. They got married in Columbia and knew that one day they would raise their family in South Carolina because of the deep faith and strong communities here. Now Fran and Krystal are the proud parents of two little girls: Bella and Zoe.

fran_vpotusOver ten years ago, Fran met then-Senator and now Vice President Joe Biden at a speech he delivered at the University of South Carolina. Fran joined the Vice President in the White House and traveled hundreds of thousands of miles on Air Force Two all over the world – going to 49 countries, including Russia, China, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and 6 times to Iraq.

But as their family grew – as promised, Fran and Krystal moved back home to raise their family.

Fran returned to his roots at the University of South Carolina to work as an assistant to President Harris Pastides and Athletic Director Ray Tanner. Fran’s focus was the well-being of student athletes. He was one of the authors of “The Gamecock Student Athlete Promise” — a groundbreaking document that among other proposals called for guaranteeing four year scholarships.

Why Fran Is Running For Congress

Fran is running for Congress because Congress is broken. Members of Congress spend more time fighting with one another and scoring political points than working for us. That’s never going to work.

Fran will bring the same values to Congress that have guided his whole life: hard work, team work, and commitment to a common goal. And that common goal is that we have to give people the tools they need to compete – and win. That means we have to invest in education – not cut it. It means we have to rebuild our crumbling roads, bridges, highways, ports and airports. And it means we need to be giving our men and women in uniform the support they need – not punishing them with a senseless sequester that guts our military spending when we need it the most.

This last point is personal for Fran – he has four brothers – and two sisters-in-law – who went to the Naval Academy and have served our nation.

Fran has competed his whole life. And he says it’s time we had folks in Congress who know what it takes to compete. To paraphrase his father, it’s time for America to get in the game.