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Person Raises More in One Month than Mulvaney Raises in Full Quarter

Fort Mill, S.C. –  Fran Person only needed one month to outraise incumbent Republican Mick Mulvaney in a full fundraising quarter.

“The Congressman’s lackluster fundraising efforts are pretty consistent with his inability to get things done for our district. It’s actually pretty simple – he’s an ineffective Congressman in a do-nothing Congress,” said Fran Person. “I’ll bring effective leadership by building bridges and consensus to get things done for the people in our district – whether it’s bringing home jobs, protecting support for Shaw Air Force Base and our veterans, or providing access to a decent education. We’re going to compete again, and win.”

Mulvaney’s first quarter deficit is more significant considering Mulvaney raised nearly half of his Q1 funds from PACs. Of Mulvaney’s $164,127 Q1 haul, a total of 63,437 came from PACs compared to $5,000 of Person’s Q1 intake.