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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Person Raises More in One Month than Mulvaney Raises in Full Quarter

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Fort Mill, S.C. –  Fran Person only needed one month to outraise incumbent Republican Mick Mulvaney in a full fundraising quarter.

“The Congressman’s lackluster fundraising efforts are pretty consistent with his inability to get things done for our district. It’s actually pretty simple – he’s an ineffective Congressman in a do-nothing Congress,” said Fran Person. “I’ll bring effective leadership by building bridges and consensus to get things done for the people in our district – whether it’s bringing home jobs, protecting support for Shaw Air Force Base and our veterans, or providing access to a decent education. We’re going to compete again, and win.”

Mulvaney’s first quarter deficit is more significant considering Mulvaney raised nearly half of his Q1 funds from PACs. Of Mulvaney’s $164,127 Q1 haul, a total of 63,437 came from PACs compared to $5,000 of Person’s Q1 intake.


We’re All In This Together

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Thanks to you our campaign announced today we have raised over $175,000 within the first month of launching.  The level of support we have received in just 32 days is encouraging and proves that Congressman Mick Mulvaney will face the toughest fight of his political career in November.

The people in South Carolina want a real voice in Congress, a leader who will help communities get the tools they need to get ahead by investing in people, education and roads and bridges. South Carolinians also want a leader who will stand up for our men and women in uniform against reckless sequestration cuts supported by Mulvaney and oppose bad trade deals that cost American jobs.

We only accepted one PAC check from Congressman Jim Clyburn’s BRIDGE PAC. In contrast, Congressman Mulvaney’s past reports show that over 70% of his campaign funds derived from PAC’s and not individual donors.

Among the many supporters, we received contributions of all sizes from many former teammates and Carolina greats from Ryan Brewer and Andre Goodman to longtime Carolina Panther Travelle Wharton, who also serves as Co-Chair of our campaign. Nobody can vouch for my character better than the guys I played alongside. Through blood, sweat and tears, you really get to know each other and create unbreakable bonds. It’s family. We’re all in this together.

As I’ve said from day one – I cannot do this without your continued support.  Please consider contributing $5, $10 or $25 TODAY to keep our momentum going. You may donate online by clicking on the donate button below.

Thank you again, I absolutely cannot do this without you!  Do not hesitate to reach out to me directly at 803-220-1008.




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